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16th Competition Round 5 Motions and Finishing Dates
Released 13th February 2015

Divisions 1C, 1E, 2C and 2E (Form 3&4 + Form 5): "that globalization is gradually destroying cultural diversity"

Divisions 3C and 3E (Form 1&2): "that all museums and cultural sites should be free of charge"

Division Managers will e-mail the Draws to coaches over the next few days.

The Finishing Date for Round 5 and Motion Releast Date for Round 6 is March 27th.

16th Competition Round 4 Motions and Finishing Dates
Released 19th December 2014

Divisions 1C, 1E, 2C & 2E (Form 3&4 + Form 5: "That Hong Kong should introduce mandatory medical insurance for all residents"

Divisions 3C & 3E (Form 1&2): "That the Hong Kong government should pay for services in private hospitals to help reduce waiting lists for public hospitals”

Division Managers will send out the Draw once the results of the first 3 rounds are received and processed.

The Finishing Date for Round 4 and Motion Release Date for Round 4 is February 13th, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: Some smaller Divisions may take a recess in Round 4 and Recommence in Round 5.  If you are not sure, please check with your Division Manager.

16th Competition Round 3 Motions and Finishing Dates
Released 17th November 2014

Divisions 1C, 1E, 2C & 2E (Form 3&4 + Form 5: "That the proposed high density community at Sok Kwu Wan should be scrapped"

Divisions 3C & 3E (Form 1&2): "That the government should set a target of doubling the production of agricultural products within the Hong Kong boundary"


The Finishing Date for Round 3 and Motion Release Date for Round 4 is December 19th, 2014.

It is important to finish Round 3 matches on time, as the results are necessary for Division Managers to make the draw for the remaining Rounds. 

16th Competition Round 2 Motions (released October 12th)


Divisions 1C, 1E, 2C & 2E: "that Hong Kong should move to using simplified Chinese characters"

Divisions 3C & 3E: "that Putonghua should be used as the medium of instruction in Chinese Language classes"

The Round 2 Draw will be issued in NESTA Debating Bulletin 1604.  Please ask your teams to discuss both sides of the motion for  a day or two before giving them the sides.  Round 2 matches should be completed by  November 14th, which is also the date for release of Round 3 Motions.

Secondary Sixes Day 1 on September 27th

The motion for the Day 1 match for Secondary Sixes is "that secondary students should not take part in social movements". Day 1 is scheduled for Saturday September 27th and Day 2 for Saturday October 25th.

New coaches and teams are encouraged to come along and watch. Please e-mail us at to let us know how many people you are bringing.

Venue: Rm P4701 & Rm 4703, Academic Building 1, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong
Starting time:9:00 a.m.

16th Competition Round 1 Motions 

Divisions 1C, 1E, 2C & 2E: "that non-residents should be banned from the secondary housing market"

Divisions 3C & 3E: "that all new homes should be a minimum of 700 square feet"

Registrations are now closed.  Round 1 matches should be completed by October 12th, which is also the release date for Round 2 Motions and Draws.


Debating is an essential tool to maintain many of our democratic values:

  • Freedom of Expression
  • The right to be heard
  • Reason
  • Tolerance
  • Decision based on evidence
  • Accountability and transparency.


Debating and Language Learning

Debating provides a purposeful context in which language and cognitive skills can be extended.

Debating has become more and more popular in Hong Kong schools over recent years. But traditionally it has catered for top schools and Senior Students.  Our Competition is split into age and language ability divisions to make debating accessible to a wide range of students.  Our main concerned is with the process, constructive feedback and endowing students with useful life skills.

All teams can experience three debates before the "elimination" rounds begin.


A Social Experience

While debating is an adversarial encounter, it is also a friendly encounter and a great opportunity to meet and learn together with students from other schools.


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