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Debating is an essential tool to maintain many of our democratic values:


Debating and Language Learning

Debating provides a purposeful context in which language and cognitive skills can be extended.

It is not surprising that debating has become popular in Hong Kong schools. But traditionally it has catered for top schools. We are more concerned with the process and endowing students with lifelong skills.

The NESTA-SCMP Debating Competition sets out to make debating accessible to students from a range of schools. It does this by matching schools with similar profiles in the early rounds. All teams can experience three debates before the "elimination" rounds begin.



It may be an adversarial encounter but, above all, debating should be a friendly encounter.


Entering a Team in the 14th Competition:

The 14th competition will run from October 2012 to May 2013.
Ask your teacher to contact the NESTA Debating Committe at, giving school name, address and form level/s of debaters. You don’t have to provide debaters’ names as new debaters can be used for each debate if desired.


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